Breeding, production and sale

Plantera is a company specialised in the breeding, production and sale of (seed) potatoes. Plantera was founded in 2014 and focuses primarily on the table potato market in Europe. The founders are Gerard Bovée and Jeroen van Soesbergen (see photo). Both have extensive experience in the field of breeding and in terms of production, logistics and sales. Gerard and Jeroen are supported by the commercial experience of sales representatives Eef Bruin and production & logistics by Michel Veltman. Plantera is based in Marknesse in the Noordoostpolder region of the Netherlands.

Organically grown

At present, Plantera has about 360 ha of cultivation in North West Europe, of which 85% in the Netherlands with experienced growers. A significant portion of Plantera’s acreage is organically grown and marketed. Within two months of its inception, Plantera was SKAL certified.


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Plantera’s market: tune in and respond!

The quality of the seed potatoes is just as important as the quality of varieties itself. In Plantera’s breeding program, high priority is given  to breeding reliable varieties. The success of the progeny depends on a good combination between variety characteristics and the quality of the delivered seed potatoes. Good seed potatoes can only be produced by experienced and quality conscious growers. One flaw in the production process  can affect the quality of the seed potatoes. Plantera is well aware of this and works closely with its growers to optimise the production process. Plantera always chooses quality over quantity.

The functionality of the potato is broad, leading to a segmented market. The potato market is divided into the following segments: fresh traditional, fresh retail, fries, crisps, starch, peeled, mashed and specialties. Plantera will mainly focus on the segments fresh traditional, fresh retail, peeled and specialties. A high level of consumer experience is very important within these segments, therefore Plantera features organic seed potato varieties that are well suited for these demands.