Plantera BV is a company in breeding, production and sale of seed potatoes and potato varieties. Plantera mainly focuses on the table fresh market, with Europe as a major priority. Plantera was founded on July 1st, 2014 with as starting point the representation of the table fresh potato varieties of KWS Potato BV.
KWS Potato BV last summer sold its entire package of commercial varieties to Stet Holland BV (Emmeloord).

With the sale of the entire package of commercial varieties from KWS Potato to Stet Holland, Plantera got the opportunity from KWS Potato and Stet Holland to obtain the ownership of the varieties which it represents.
The formal transaction took place in early December 2016, but will be effectuated at the end of December 2016. Therefore Plantera can proceed in 2017 as an independent trading company with its own varieties. Plantera appreciates how KWS Potato and Stet Holland have given Plantera this opportunity.  Plantera has placed its varieties in Plantera Seed BV.
The most prominent varieties are: INOVA (Early table potato), VITABELLA (organic early table potato) and LUCERA (for the convenience market)
In addition to these varieties Plantera meanwhile has several future varieties outside the segment of table potato, e.g. varieties for the processing  (TITANIUM) and for exports markets (MONDEO).

Looking back
Plantera had in the first year of its existence experienced a difficult start due to the difficult table potato market. Introducing varieties especially in this segment will be strengthened by the marketing of final product (ware) to packers and supermarkets. Plantera has been involved in this part of the business chain in the recent years. The reintroduction of INOVA in the table fresh market and the introduction of VITABELLA in the organic market herein have been successful.
Plantera currently has a turnover of approximately 6,500 tonnes of seed and 6,500 tonnes of potatoes for consumption of which around 20% with an organic background.
Plantera works closely together with  approximately 45 seed potato growers and works on the basis of daily price contracts with (organic)ware growers.
The Plantera organization consists of 4 fte.